Fish Desktop Wallpaper

Fish Desktop Wallpaper 5.5

Sets an animated image of swimming fish as the Windows wallpaper
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Embellishes the default Windows display through an animation of fish wiggling their tails and moving around on the screen.

Fish Desktop Wallpaper is a nice animated wallpaper. This wallpaper is very simple, it only shows one fish moving in water. The fish is small, it wiggles its tail and moves across the entire desktop area; the water is blue and green, but it's static - which saves the system memory and CPU power. The fish moves slowly in vertical diagonal lines, it can't move horizontally or circle around. There are no other marine creatures or plants. When you open any program or any page, you will not be able to see the moving fish anywhere except for the taskbar.

You may think that this wallpaper is relaxing, but from my point of view it is simply boring, as it includes only one fish and the water is not animated. This wallpaper doesn't have any settings, you will not be able to change any of its characteristics. The main (and maybe the only) advantage of this wallpaper is that it's free of charge, so you can download it and shape your own impression of it. The program is compatible with Windows 7 as well as XP and 98.

Marian Zaky
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